Kim Wong-Shing is currently a writer and editor at GO Magazine and a contributing writer for StyleCaster. Her work focuses on beauty, identity, wellness, relationships, and pop culture. Bylines in: Men’s Health, USA Today, Healthline, Autostraddle, Bustle, MindBodyGreen, HelloGiggles, Bitch Media, Wear Your Voice Magazine, Elite Daily, Lifehacker, Yahoo Lifestyle, and Upworthy.

Kim grew up in Philadelphia and attended Brown University. She is now happily based in New Orleans, where she lives with her pup Junebug. When she isn’t thinking about em-dashes, she is likely thinking about the apocalypse, the best/worst animals, or what to snack on next. She is a queer woman, a Black feminist, a lipstick hoarder, a plant lover, and a Buddhist. To date, she has never left a store without checking the hair product aisle first (just in case).